08 April 2011

RSW Update -- New Website

Brand new website launched today

Thanks for checking our our blogspot but we have moved -
See you there!

20 December 2010

Dijon > Flying South (2010-12-16)

Dijon plays his last live set in the RSW underground. No surprises... shit's decidedly mellow. "The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change."

Direct link to the set (mp3): http://tinyurl.com/3mbrly5
Follow his movements: http://dijon.soulrebels.com

anthony teasdale - more sunday than saturday - aloha
calm - people from the sun and earth - wave music
jazzmoon - fancifulness - playtracks
fonka delix - ganja mist - tonika recordings
jeremy - untitled - driftwood
rick wade - grimm - harmonie park
carsten jost - atlantis ii - dial
royksopp - beautiful day without you (spekkfakkel remikks) - wall of sound
cobblestone jazz - chance - wagon repair
anton zap - i'm fine - underground quality
solu music - dreams - solu music
trina - here we go - slip n slide

22 November 2010

Dj Clive > The Art of Sedation (2010-11-18)

Dj Clive (aka Peter Morley) started playing records as Dj Naked at Club X in 1990. He slows it down to Mach zero with an extended ambient set. Goes well with mandrax.

30 October 2010

Rob Dunn > Pittsburgh (2010-10-21)

A mutual interest in quality house music brought Rob Dunn (aka Hu Flung Pu) down to the RSW bomb shelter where he created a mix using both vinyl and digital. He is part of the Humanaut collective which recently brought Jus-Ed and Pezzner to the Pittsburgh area.

More info: http://www.humanaut.net

17 September 2010

BBT > Warehouse Trax (2010-09-16)

P@Split and DJ Dang (aka BBT) brought their gear down to the RSW studio for a live set of acid house and techno using a vintage TB-303 with Ableton Live. No tracklist... this is original, improv sheeeeyit!

Download the set here: http://tinyurl.com/252mjhx
More on P@Split: http://soundcloud.com/patsplit

10 September 2010

DJ One Fader - The Moondling (2010-09-09)

DJ One Fader (aka Jon Young) brought his missile launcher midi controller to the RSW studio and did some live mixxxing/fudging of old-skool soul over nu-skool techno.

Download the set here: http://tinyurl.com/3ywwm27
More info on l'artist... http://soundcloud.com/jy002k

08 September 2010

Intimacy Records with Paul Woolford

Dj, producer, dancefloor experimentalist, remixer, collaborator and Intimacy records owner, Paul Woolford came through for us with an exclusive mix full of psychedelic house sounds.

More info on the artist and the label can be found at these links...

1- Bill Hicks 'People Who Hate People'
2- Mark E 'I Love Nobody Else' (Running Back)
3- Unknown - unknown - unknown
4- Soul Designer 'The Soul Is Back' Mental Overdrive Remix (Third Ear)
5- Luca Agnelli 'Desire' (Erutria Beat)
6- Yousef 'Como Estas' (Tronic)
7- Deepchord 'Vibrational Studies in Echospace' (Deepchord)
8- DBX 'Livewire'
9- Murr 'Stay'Adam Marshall Remix (New Kanada)
10- Art Department 'Without You' (Crosstown Rebels)
11- Art Of Tones 'The Looq' (Fresh Meat)
12- Echologist 'Dirt' Ben Klock Edit (Ostgut Ton)
13- Wax '30003-A' (Wax)
14- Paul Woolford 'Bareback' (Unreleased)
15- Delta Funktionen 'Abundance' (Delsin)
16- Paul Woolford 'Let It Go' Altered Natives Remix (Intimacy - Unreleased)
17- Delta Funktionen 'Erosion' (Delsin)
18- Paul Woolford 'Atma' (Unreleased)